Serre Chevalier and the most beautiful rivers in the Hautes Alps !

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The Durance at Briançon, the great classic par excellence. Who has never wanted to go down the River Durance? If you are part of that number, it’s time to fill the gap. The waves, just waves of a stunning clear water which comes down from the highest peaks of the Hautes Alps.
The Durance flows all year and meanders along a wide valley displaying superb landscapes. The Rabioux, the wave, a refreshing roll, marks the middle of the run. Ideal to get back in shape or just to discover white water rafting in Briançon with friends or family.

The Romanche at La Grave la Meije

The river Romanche is born in the Hautes Alps, flowing rapidly towards the Drac where it joins the river Isere at Grenoble. The Romanche takes its source from the Col du Lautaret. Silent as it passes the foot of the north face of the mountain Meije, this little warrior then bursts free from its shackles and comes completely to life. The rapids continue and ridges formed by great rocks of shale that have fallen down from the slopes of the Oisan will take you on to Lake Chambon.

Category: IV-V High run: 5 km Low run: 7 km. Best time of year: July/September

The Guisane river in Serre Chevalier

In the valley of Serre Chevalier upstream from Briancon, the river Guisane is the most accessible. Effectively, from the Col du Lautaret, the watercourse separates a little from the road. It follows its way through the mountain pastures of Adret to the pistes of Serre Chevalier.

No gloomy gorges or difficult currents. It is indeed a pleasant river ideal for beginners’ baptism or just a little refreshment in its cool mountain streams… But watch out, under its quiet and calm exterior, the Guisane is still an alpine river with a steep fall, and the last section arriving in Briancon could well give you some surprises by its slope and speed.

The Clarrée close to Montgenèvre

The most beautiful! From Rochilles to the Durance, this river is charming whatever the time of year. In the spring, it’s lulled by the sweet murmurings from the fragrant narcissi meadows. Home to brown trout and the white throat dipper, its reflections flow through rustic villages in the high valley.
In the summer, enjoy the countless rambling paths. Whether you're on foot, on the back of our dear donkeys, with the family or with friends, give in to the clarity and the colours of this mountain water and the wildlife.

During autumn, walks along its banks are brilliant with fiery-coloured larches. Enjoy the trout fishing and come and see the return of the flocks from the alpine pastures. The winter with its spotless and gentle background, is the place for winter activities, Nordic, cross country skiing, snowshoe walking, dog sledding or skiing trips.

So come to Serre Chevalier to meet all these incomparable rivers !

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